DoorPeep Window Inserts

A Bold New Concept in Window Inserts For Entry, Interior and Garage Doors

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DoorPeep Window Inserts for Entry Doors Distinctive looking solid Entry Doors
certainly have great “curb appeal.”
But, for security, can you see who is
at the door? A decorative pattern of
one-way-view DoorPeep Window
Inserts allow you a very
securely private and clear
porch and front yard.
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DoorPeep Window Inserts for Garage Doors When you are in the closed garage! Who just pulled into the driveway?

Are you concerned whether the kids OK?
DoorPeep Window Inserts for Interior Doors Children’s rooms and playrooms are an ideal
place to use DoorPeep window inserts to
check on the kids.
DoorPeep Window Inserts for Clinic Interior Doors Viewing Windows for Pink Arrow Veterinary and similar clinic type applications.
DoorPeep Window Inserts for Office Interior Doors DoorPeep Window Inserts are a distinctive addition to conference rooms and hallway office doors that avoid unnecessary interrup-
tions when important meetings are in progress.

DoorPeep Window Inserts for Entry, Interior, and Garage Doors

Elegant DoorPeep Window Inserts Kits for Entry Doors, Interior Doors, and Garage Doors for Home and Office

Introducing amazingly new and simple ways to expand the functionality of rooms and entry ways into your home, office, business, or garage.  DoorPeep Window Inserts are attractive and highly functional.  They bring a new degree of safety to your entry doors that peep holes just aren’t able to provide.  Entry doors typically have “One Way” mirrored* panes. Too they add safety to high traffic doors where there is danger from people standing or approaching a door blindly on the other side. 
The mirrored effect is dependent on which side of the pane has the brighter light. 

Entry Door Window Insert

 DoorPeep Window InsertEach window insert Kit comes with adhesive-back templates that you position on the in patterns and arrangements of your choice, making the cutout and installation extremely simple and quick.  The frames are paintable to match your décor.  If you wouldn’t be comfortable in installing these yourself, contact a local accredited handyman or remodeling, contractor.

DoorPeep Window Insert kits consist of an inner and outer frame that “nest” together to accommodate door panel thicknesses from 1 1/8to 2 inches (30 -50 mm). The currently available viewing windows measure 1" x 9" and (25-230 mm). Clear acrylic window (Opaque, tinted and mirrored available by special order).  Easy for do-it-yourself installation in almost any door. Outside dimension of the frame is 3" x 11" (75 x 280 mm). Color: White (Paintable).

Easy installation for anyone who can be comfortable using an electric drill and saber saw. DoorPeep Windows are furnished with an intuitive layout transfer template and complete instructions to make the installation quick and easy in almost all types and thicknesses of doors.  Do it yourself or get a handyman to help. Tools: Screwdriver, electric drill and saber saw.

DoorPeep Extended

Great for doors leading to the
Garage, Shop, Basement, Nursery, Den, Office, Children’s Rooms, Kitchen, Storerooms.

Also great for: Restaurants, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Commercial Buildings, Conference Rooms, Law Offices, Security Areas and much more.

Homeowners will appreciate that one of the best applications is placing DoorPeep Window Inserts in garage doors.

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